Which Oil?

It’s one of our most frequently-asked questions

Here’s a guide to our go-to lubes. Remember that regular oil changes keep your engine clean and minimise wear. If you want to maximise both your engine’s performance and its lifespan, don’t skimp on this vital ingredient. We keep some in stock so drop in, or order by phone and we can courier supplies to you.

Synthetic v Mineral?
oils are best if you eat up the miles. They last longer without degrading so potentially you’d require fewer service intervals. However we always recommend sticking to the Harley service regime.
Mineral oils are tried and tested. For older engines that have always used mineral oil, stick to it. Using synthetic can potentially release engine grime as it contains detergents. Once you’ve used synthetic it’s not advised to go back to using mineral oil.
(All prices are inclusive of VAT.)


Engine oil

Spectro Heavy Duty

Mineral SAE 50 

Great mineral oil for older engines – pre 1970s Harleys – not so great for newer bikes.

Spectro Heavy Duty

Mineral SAE 25/60 

A thicker mineral oil, so good in hot weather. Can quieten engine noise, particularly Evo models.

Spectro Heavy Duty
SAE 20/50

The best synthetic oil, we think, for all Harley engines. A good upgrade from Syn 3 and other oils.



Spectro Heavy Duty Mineral 
SAE 20/50

 The best mineral, in our opinion, for all Harley engines as it’s a good blend. A better oil with an even better price tag!


Genuine H-D Syn 3

SAE 20/50

A good all-round engine oil, which can also be used in primary and transmissions. As recommended by Harley for all Screaming Eagle models.

Genuine H-D

SAE 20/50

The Harley-recommended mineral oil that we use for all our servicing, especially on bikes that are still under warranty.

Transmission/Primary oils

Spectro Gear Guard
6-Speed. SAE 75/140

The best transmission oil for all six-speed big twins, in our opinion. Helps cut down transmission noise and helps you find neutral.


Spectro Gear Guard SAE 85/140

The best transmission oil for all five and four-speed big twins, in our opinion.


Spectro Heavy Duty
Primary Oil

Thicker than Formula + for primary chaincases. And that helps in hot weather.

Genuine Formula+

An excellent primary oil, for use in any Harley model. Just that little bit thinner.

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