Stage One Upgrades

More power and that great Harley sound - here's how

A Stage One upgrade is shorthand for improving the air and fuel flow and mix right through your engine, from filter to exhaust. By adding the right performance parts, tuning the fuelling professionally and adding a more efficient exhaust system, you can increase the amount and speed of the combustible mix of air and fuel – the best way to generate more power and torque. An upgraded, free-flowing air filter and complementary exhaust will make a difference you can really feel. The air intake and exhaust systems are matched and calibrated to improve air flow – usually, no engine modifications are required.
Why do it?
1. You’ll get more horsepower and acceleration will be far sharper and quicker. Your throttle response will be greatly improved.
2. Enhanced exhaust systems take away the waste gases far faster and more efficiently, thus speeding up the through-put of air and fuel.
3. A Stage One upgrade should improve your mpg.
4. Did we mention that iconic Harley sound from the pipes?

How do you choose the right parts?

There are scores of after-market, specialist air cleaner kits and exhaust systems at different prices for different models. On top of that, you might want a particular outcome depending on how you use your bike. Contact our specialist Harley mechanics and we can talk through budgets and options, informed by our long experience of upgrading every kind of Harley there is.

Costs for a professionally calibrated and fitted Stage One upgrade will range from £700 – £2000+. It’s all up to you. As we are accredited dealers for a vast range of brands offering thousands of parts and accessories worldwide we can guide you through the maze and work with you to transform your Harley’s power and responsiveness.

Note – if your garage suggests simply getting more air into the process by drilling holes in the filter back plate, forget it. You need to get the air right the way through the engine, not just more air into the filter.


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